Monday, September 10, 2007

Long Update....

Sadly - after saying that I was going to blog.... I didn't!!
We have had so much happen over the last few months....

We have been out for a leisurely drive - a nice 2 week break from the daily grind. Off and about with Ruby packed to the hilt, the 3 of us set off to visit Meg, Elmer and Lachlan at their home in Canberra - then thru the Victorian country side. We stopped in Echuca for 2 days - then off to Sheparton to see Matt's uncle and aunt (and all of the cousin's and their kids!) which was just lovely! We then trundled down thru Horsham and into Narracorte - stopping to walk thru the magnificent caves.

Rinn and I met up with Sam and Paige - we went to see a Play School concert - as you can see the girls were not only excited to see each other - but the concert! The girls had a ball.... We then went down to a park near the beach for some coffee and lunch and for the girls to run wild. Again another fabulous day with the Hills.

There isnt much happening around the house.... our gardens are not suffering at the hands of our lack of rain - but our tanks are empty... AGAIN. Dont get me started about water.. I am so over what our state government has to say in regards to water!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Well, what a day.

Job interview didnt go to plan - the job wasnt what I thought it was. They want full time and I dont want what they pay. And more to that - she told me to stay put. *Sigh* Tested the water - and bloody hell it was FREEZING cold!
But - now I am registered with them.... so, maybe? I am really looking forward to a new challenge.
Talking bout cold - its been freezing here too! I have decided that the only thing that I do not like about Ruby (our 4wd) is that it takes sooooooo long to warm up in the morning.... it takes for me to get to the car park at work to heat up!! *sigh*
Good ole Adelaide!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I have finally done it - I am Blogging!

Yes!! Finally - after reading everyone elses blogs - I am going to do it. I have always wanted to. Just didnt know how what or where - so this seems to be the most popular...

So to start it off.... a photo. This is my gorgeous daughter Corinne.

She will be 4 in under 2 weeks. I cant believe that this has come round so quickly - surely it was only the other day that she started walking???

Here she is in her Cubby House that she has made using her chairs and her 'spotty blanket', this is her favorite thing to do atm.

We have a big surprise for her birthday - a Barbie Doll House. Its huge (as per normal Gray Style) and its going to be a hit! I have managed to get some fabo samples of wall paper courtesy of my 'Solver' contact, and some sample pots of paints, and Matt has 'knocked' up the house itself.... I will take some photos tomorrow. I cannot wait to see her face when she sees it!

Oh and I must add in our other 'on going project'....

Yes, it looks like 5 posts in the ground - but what they are is the beginning of our Japanese Garden. We have planted 4 Wisteria's inbetween the posts, we will run wire between the posts and start to 'train' the plants as they grow.

Eventually we will put posts betweent the tops of the current posts and the side of the house
Should be interesting to see how this changes!
Anyway, I must fly - I have a job interview tomorrow.
Wish me luck!